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A sustainable gift for a greener planet

Every tree planted with Treedom offers environmental and social benefits. In the tree diary, the recipient of your gift can follow the story of the project to which their tree contributes.

Every tree planted with Treedom helps to achieve benefits for the environment and the people who take care of it.

The recipients of your gift can read the Tree Diary and follow the story of the project that their tree, along with many others, will help bring to life, as well as interesting facts about its species. They can also see a photo of their tree being planted and find out the exact location where it will grow.

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How it works

Gifting a tree is easy

Choose, Buy, Personalise. Gifting a tree is easy

pick the right tree
Pick the right tree

Choose the most suitable tree based on the species, the amount of CO₂ it absorbs, the country where it’s planted, and more.


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Personalise your gift

Once you’ve made your purchase, you can indicate which and how many of the purchased trees you’d like to gift, specify the name of the recipient and write a dedication.