Every tree in the right way.

We believe that throwing 100 seeds in a field does not mean planting 100 trees.

And we believe that intensively planting a single species is not a sustainable and biodiversity-friendly choice.

We believe that communities of people living in a given place are the best custodians of trees, so we support them financially and help them to plant and grow trees on their land. The trees will benefit them, the place where they live and the whole planet.

We believe in the bond that, through trees and thanks to Treedom, can be created between distant people.

We believe that each and every one of us must make an effort to reduce our CO emissions, and in doing so we can also help to absorb them by planting trees.

We believe that we can make this planet greener. And we want to do it in the right way.

Treedom Manifesto
The right tree, in the right place and for the right purpose

The right tree, in the right place and for the right purpose

Planting trees to make them grow, with a long-term perspective.

Planting trees is complex work. Not only from a technical point of view – skills and resources are needed to create suitable places for small trees to germinate and grow – but also, and above all, from a strategic point of view. Planting trees is not enough, they must be supported in their growth. This means thinking in the medium and long term, and for this you need to find the right tree for the right place and the right purpose. The projects we carry out for the planting of our trees respond exactly to these needs.


Environmental benefits

An initial key aspect that we take into account when we develop our projects is the potential to bring about environmental benefits, at both a local and global level.

Local environmental benefits:

Our work, which integrates tree cultivation into agricultural settings, aims to deliver the maximum benefits to the ecosystem in which it is carried out. Each project has its own distinct characteristics and therefore different areas in which tree planting can have positive effects, but the most common of these are: combating soil erosion, enriching biodiversity, protecting soil fertility, creating sustainable ecosystems, etc.

Global environmental benefits:

During its lifetime, every tree absorbs CO2 (carbon dioxide) from the atmosphere and stores it in its woody parts. This process removes CO2 from the atmosphere and its effects are greater the longer the trees are allowed to grow and live.

Environmental benefits
Social and economic benefits

Social and economic benefits

It is equally important that our work is able to deliver social benefits to the local communities that participate in our projects and bring them to life.

Funding, community building, training and technical assistance are the fundamental steps in starting each new project. Above all, it is crucial that communities derive direct benefits from trees in terms of food resources and economic opportunities. They are the keepers of the trees, they will enjoy their fruits.

Impact Reports

In 2020, for the first time, Treedom presented its Impact Report. It is a document that shows our activity in a way that is only seemingly new to us, since the very impact of our activity is what we have always communicated. Below you can find all the impact reports year by year.