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Explore exclusive business opportunities designed specifically for your company, allowing you to plant trees with Treedom. Through a long-term project, you can make a significant impact and provide tangible support to the planet and its people.

Treedom for Business

With our tailored business solutions, discover how you can communicate your commitment to the plant that suits your company’s needs.

Create your Forest

Create your corporate forest and achieve communication, marketing and corporate social responsibility goals while concretely helping the planet and its people.

Gift your trees

Generate long-term engagement by gifting trees to those important to your business, inviting them to be a part of your impact. Every tree has its own tree diary enabling your recipients to stay up to date with the project the tree is part of.

Show your commitment

Use our range of digital assets to build effective and engaging content for your communications. Materials include: • Professional photos from our projects; • Emotive videos; • Educational content; • Ready-to-use social posts.

What our clients say

Hear from some of our clients how they've integtrated tree planting into their sustainability strategies, and why Treedom's digital platform supports them in communicating their commitment to people and the planet.

Michele Frigerio-logo
Michele Frigerio

Italy Marketing Director, Nespresso

At Nespresso, we make sustainability, both environmental and social, one of the values guiding us in all our activities, because we are convinced that every cup of coffee is not only a moment of pleasure, but also a way to restore, reintegrate and reinvigorate the resources of the environment and its communities. We wanted to make our customers an active part of this great project.

Jim Pisani-logo
Jim Pisani

Global President, Timberland

Trees and green spaces contribute to improving the quality of our planet and individual well-being. Our commitment to plant trees is a real and measurable way of acting on the belief that a greener future is a better future. We encourage people around the world to join the movement by taking heroic actions for nature, big or small.

Andrea Tomasoni-logo
Andrea Tomasoni

Web Developer, Lo Studio

One tree planted for every website published. This is the goal our web agency has committed to. Embracing sustainability means not feeling obligated to take action for the environment, but doing so willingly because we genuinely believe in it. We have established our own forest in collaboration with Treedom, and both our employees and customers have the opportunity to contribute. And now we realize that we are not alone in our beliefs!