About us

At Treedom,
talent takes root

Treedom is a B Corp, a company that uses business to do good for people and the planet.
People who come and work with us do so because they want to put their talent to work to serve a cause. We're a team, we're horizontal and we're also a little crazy.

Federico Garcea, Treedom Founder & CEO

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Our values

At Treedom, we believe that humans and the environment, both local and global, are all elements of the same equation. For this reason, our team is made up of a variety of professionals, united in our passion for a greener world.

our values

Our spaces

It is important to us that our office reflects our mission for a greener, fairer and more beautiful world, so the Treedom office is surrounded by nature. We want to maintain a daily bond with nature (our inspiration) with an office that is full of life - a place where everyone can be themselves. We are based in an historic villa in Florence, surrounded by a garden of olive and fruit trees, complete with a large vegetable garden and even beehives. Inbetween swimming, draught beer, table tennis, naps on beanbags and pizza cooked in our own oven, we talk about everything and anything - horses, music, politics, chocolate cake, volleyball. We are a team with a lot of different interests, and we always love to discover new things!